Tip Sheet: Getting the Most Out of the Fall Conference
Conferences can be overwhelming – so many workshops, so many vendors, networking opportunities with colleagues – how do you choose? We hope to offer a few tips to help you get the most out of our fall conference.

  • Find out what is being offered so you can plan what you would like to do. We push out information about the conference via the listserv, NYCSLIST and the conference wiki.

  • Make sure you are subscribed to NYCSLIST (instructions on how to sign up are available on our website).

  • Visit the conference wiki often. A week or so before the conference we make the conference program available so you can read descriptions of the workshops and presenters. Select which sessions you’d like to attend but also indicate a second and third choice so if the workshop is full, you know where to go next. Use the “conference-at-a-glance” chart on the back page of the program to mark your choices and the map inside the front cover to navigate your way to the shortest routes.
  • Check out our Tips For Talking with Exhibitors and decide which vendors you have questions for and write them out.
  • Make sure you have business cards to offer to vendors as well as colleagues.
  • Pre-order your books for the author signings by visiting the Gift Registry at Greenlight Bookstore.

  • Plan to go – plan to stay. Be considerate of presenters and colleagues. Don’t just go into a session, grab the handouts and leave. All handouts will be available AFTER the conference.
  • Meet People. Introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you in workshops, during lunch or at vendor tables. Ask for their business cards, and give them yours. Jot down notes on cards to remember why you kept them!
  • Remember to fill out all evaluations and the Personnel Survey. These help us update our records and plan future professional development workshops.


  • As soon as possible after the conference, SIT DOWN with your administrator (even for 5 or 10 minutes) and share at least one resource, technique or insight gleaned from the conference that has school-wide impact. It is important for administrators to know that releasing librarians for professional development benefits the whole school.
  • Apply your experiences. Share your notes and experiences with your principal and colleagues at your school. Experiment with new ideas you learned at conference.