Research Projects with Second Grade Students: Meeting CCSS in the Library
Brenda Shufelt
Now that there’s an iPhone app for it, we know that CCSS is for real. Luckily for librarians research projects are a natural for meeting Common Core State Standards. In this workshop, learn how 2nd grade students can research, write, and present information on a specific topic using multiple sources, technology, and inquiry, all the while meeting many of the CCSS. The process of developing and implementing child-friendly research projects that meet standards will be illustrated in specific detail. There will also be discussion of how student research projects can be implemented given the constraints in the libraries of the various attendees.

Brenda Shufelt is a librarian at PS 30M where she has taught for over 21 years. She recently spent a year on sabbatical and received her MSIS from SUNY Albany. She has been facilitating multi-media student research projects for several years and, this past year, expanded out to include second graders in this endeavor.

Session materials